‘FACTORY OF SPECIAL TRANSMISSION” (FAST) was founded as a factory shft in the group “FAMOS” in 1950.Itwas set aside in a special working unit with the present name of “FAST” in 1980. Production program was 90% based on the products related to the defense industry.

After the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina Company had joint stock companies with majority state-owned.The company became 100% privately owned.
Production program of the company is consentrating on the existing production program for transmission tanks T-34, T-55, T-72, and M84. Transsmision for armored personnel carriers OTM-60, BVP M-80 and BVP M-80A is another line in the factory . All this beside Marine Gearbox BHK 60 and BHK -100.

On the other hand the company is running profissionally its New Production Program that based on Automatic transmission of moodular type medium tank: SAT-1000, SAT-1200, SAT-1500, and the device conditioning battle and commercial vehicle with air cycle (without Freon) AC M1, M2 and AC-AC -M3